Image Permissions

Request to be featured and grant image permissions

To Oodles of Wallpaper, LLC:

I would like to be featured and promoted on the Oodles of Wallpaper website. Toward those ends, I am granting permission to use all authorized images / photographs of mine for the purpose of republishing them on the Oodles website and on related marketing channel sites, such as Instagram and Facebook.

This permission grants non-exclusive world rights to use this material for all formats, including print and digital / electronic. These rights in no way restrict republication of the material in any other form by me, the owner, or by others authorized by me.

The above permission is granted with the understanding that full credit may be granted to the source of both the Designer and the Photographer as provided; provided however, Oodles shall have no obligation to include such name with such User Content. In agreement with the terms as described above, I will specify the manner of providing the credit or any other conditions I reasonably believe to be required if necessary.

If use of these materials is not represented accurately or as expected, then Oodles will be notified and expected to make adjustments (according to the owners’ satisfaction) or remove the materials from publication immediately.

I agree to these terms and confirm that I own the rights and/or the copyright to the above described material. Or if I do not currently hold the rights, I will seek permission of the rights holder and indicate when permission will take effect.